2004Sharing Successes and Strategies During an Era of Uncertainty

Slides and Recorded Presentations

Plenary and Mini-Plenary Sessions 

The Global Context of STDs in the US: Microbial Threats and the Public Health Response – PF Sparlingslides (16 MB), web cast

Program, Policy, and Politics: Reflections of a State Health Official – W Kassler,Kassler did not use slides, web cast

Contextual View of STD Prevention in Adolescents: New Perspectives, New Approaches
P Bearman
slides (1.6 MB), web cast  
L Jemmott
slides (12.2 MB), web cast  
D Mann, 
slides (0.8 MB), web cast

HPV in 2004: Public Health Response to New Tools – web cast ;
L Koutsky,
 slides (1.2 MB), web cast  
T Wright,
 slides (1.8 MB), web cast
    C Ebel, slides (1.5 MB), web cast

Doing Good? Ethical Challenges in STD Research and Prevention –   A Caplan, Caplan did not use slides. web cast

MSM in 2004: Risk-taking vs. Prevention Practice and the Changing Sexual Marketplace
T Peterman,
 slides (0.5 MB), web cast 
D Savage,
 Savage did not use slides, web cast  
K Fenton, 
slides (0.5 MB), web cast

Rapid Cycle Quality Improvement for STD Services in the US Healthcare System –web cast 
D Stevens, 
slides (0.2 MB), web cast  
M Shafer,
 slides (0.5 MB), web cast 
M Henderson,
 slides (0.2 MB), web cast

2004 and Beyond: Vision of STD Prevention in an Era of Uncertainty – JM Douglas, Jr.,slides (1.7 MB), web cast ;

Oral Symposium and Workshop Abstracts – Monday Sessions (A)

A1- Topics in Bacterial STDs, Their Sequelae, and Their Impact on Women

The Natural History of New Sexual Partnerships: A Niche for Bacterial STDs – G Garnett -slides not available

A Unified Optimal Resource Allocation Model for Screening and Treating Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Infections among Asymptomatic Women – B Abban – slides (.5 MB)

Assay Results vs. Self-reported HIV/STDs: Does Measurement Discrepancy Vary by Level of Risk Behavior? – B Iritanislides (.2 MB)

A Comparison of Three Different Strategies to Treat Partners of Men with Urethritis –P Kissingerslides (.1 MB)

Trends in Clinic Visits and Diagnosed C. trachomatis (CT) and N. gonorrhoeae (GC) Infections Following the Introduction of a Co-Pay in an STD Clinic – C Rietmeijer,slides (.4 MB)

Transmission of Chlamydia trachomatis Between Heterosexual Sex Partners: Preliminary Results from a Genotype-specific Concordance Study – JA Schillinger,slides (1.8 MB)

A2 – Overcoming Barriers to Syphilis Control

Rapid Diagnostics for Syphilis in US Clinical Settings: A Preliminary Review of the Study Data – M Suttonslides (.7 MB)

Successful Prevention of Syphilis Infection With Azithromycin in Both HIV-negative and HIV-positive Individuals, San Francisco, 1999-2003 – R Kohnslides (.2 MB);

Azithromycin Resistance in Treponema pallidum in the United States and Ireland is Associated With a Mutation in the 23S rRNA Gene – S Lukehart, slides (.5 MB)

Whose Fault is Syphilis? Physicians’ Views on Syphilis Elimination – BP Stonerslides(.6 MB);

Developing, Designing, and Disseminating a Syphilis Awareness Campaign Targeting MSM – EL Rolandslides (.2 MB);

Development of Innovative Health Communication Materials to Eliminate Syphilis Among Urban MSM – J Mayerslides (.5 MB)

A3 – The Public Health Response to Genital Herpes: Where Do We Stand?

    HH Handsfieldslides1 (7.5 MB) slides2 (.2 MB), web cast ; 
CL Celum
slides (6.8 MB), web cast ; 
L Corey
slides (1.1 MB), web cast ; 
G Bolan
slides (.03 MB), web cast ; 
PA Leone
slides (.02 MB), web cast ;

A4 – Moving Clients from “Kiss then Tell” to “Tell then Kiss”: Supporting Conversations Around Patient Self Disclosure of HIV or STD Status – G MehlhaffL DeSantisslides (.1 MB);

A-5 – Improving Provider Performance

Assessing the Training Needs of Managed Care Providers: Implications for STD Clinical Training Targeting This Hard-to- Reach Group – J Dyerslides (2.5 MB)

Assessing Training Needs Related to the Care of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs): Perspectives of Medical Providers Working among American Indian and Alaska Native Populations (AI/ANs) – C Masonslides (.1 MB)

Developing STD/HIV Training Capacity Among Spanish-Speaking Community Prevention Providers – A Pérezslides (.3 MB)

What Do Physicians Know and Want to Learn about STD/HIV Partner Notification? – R Thomasslides (.8 MB)

Developing and Implementing an STD Treatment Verification Program in San Francisco – L Fischerslides (.2 MB)

Integration of Viral Hepatitis Prevention with STD Prevention: What Health Professionals Should Know – J Toddslides (.1 MB)

A6 – Integrating STD Services into Medical Care – Moderator – K Irwin

Sexual Risk Behaviors and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Prevalence in an Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic – LH Bachmannslides (.1 MB));

Screening Rates Before and After the Introduction of the Chlamydia HEDIS (Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set) Measure in a Managed Care Organization –GR Bursteinslides (.2 MB)

Genital Chlamydia trachomatis Screening Practices in the Private Sector: Who, Why, and How Much? – J Armstrongslides (7.9 MB)

Integrating STD Standards of Care Into Family Planning Services: Evaluation of Chlamydia Screening Practices and Development of a Quality Improvement Intervention – JM Chowslides (.2 MB)

Screening and Treating Patients for Asymptomatic Sexually Transmitted Infections in an Inner-City Emergency Department – NR Glickslides (.4 MB);

Extending Preventive Care to Pediatric Urgent Care: A New Venue for CT Screening? –MA Shaferslides (.5 MB)

A7 – Emerging Patterns and Trends in Nationally Notifiable Sexually Transmitted Diseases, United States – H Weinstock, Moderator

Trends in Chlamydia trachomatis Infections in the US – D Mosureslides (.5 MB)

Recent Trends in Gonorrhea in the US – L Newmanslides (1.7 MB)

Update on Gonococcal Resistance in the US – S Wangslides (.2 MB)

Syphilis Trends in the US – J Heffelfingerslides (4.9 MB)

A8 – Finding the Invisible Man: A Best Practices Model for HIV/AIDS-STD Prevention & Services for AAMSM Through Community Collaboration – O Johnsonslides (1.2 MB)

A9 – Multilevel Risk Factors/Multilevel Interventions: Complexities in STD Population Dynamics and STD Prevention – SO Aral, Moderator

The Partnership Level Risk Factors and Evolution of Sex Partnerships – P Gorbach, slides (.3 MB)

Clinic vs. Population-Based Studies of STD Epidemiology: Similarities and Differences – L Manhart, slides (.3 MB)

Sexual Mixing Patterns of American Women – J Kraut-Becherslides (.2 MB)

A Multi-Level Profile of African-American Women’s Sexual Risks: Partnerships, Context and More – A Adimora, slides (.3 MB)

Behavioral, Biological and Structural Components of MSM STI Morbidity – SM Goodreauslides (.8 MB)

The Same Transmission Dynamics Drive the Fast Gay and Slow African HIV Epidemics – BL Rapatskislides (.1 MB)

Sponsored Symposium

Guidelines for the Use of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Serologies: Recommendations From the California Sexually Transmitted Diseases Controllers Association and the California Department of Health Services – S Guerry, H BauerJ Klausner, B Branagan,P KerndtB AllenG Bolan,


Controversies in STD Diagnostics: Should Confirmatory Testing of NAATS Be Routine for Chlamydia and Gonococcal Infections in Populations with <4% Prevalence?

Moderator – EW Hook IIIslides (.04 MB)


Pro: H Wiesenfeldslides (3.5 MB)
Con: J Schachter, slides not available


Pro: D Martinslides (.2 MB)
Con: M Goldenslides (.3 MB)

Oral Symposium and Workshop Abstracts – Tuesday Sessions (B)

B1 – STD Clinic Clients With Repeat Bacterial STDs: Who Are They and How Do We Intervene?

Changes in Sex Networks and Repeat STDs Among Male Adolescents – JM Ellen;slides (.1 MB)

Repeat Infections among Adolescents: Findings from a Philadelphia – N Liddonslides(.1 MB)

Life Story Narratives: Similarities and Differences in Adolescents Who Acquire Repeat STDs – C McGhanslides (3.6 MB)

Repeat STDs and Core Transmitters – K Bernsteinslides (.9 MB)

Repeat STDs: Why Are So Many STD Clinic Patients Refractory to Clinic-Based Interventions? – EJ. Erbeldingslides (.1 MB)

B2 – Potpourri of Selected STD Issues: Historical Lessons in Syphilis Control Efforts, Male Screening and the Latest Counts of Infected Youth

“The Clap Doctor,” “The Father of Spin,” and Other Historical Lessons for Syphilis Elimination – W Petzslides (.5 MB);

World War II: “The Most Extensive Syphilis Case Finding Program in the History of the World” – L McGoughslides (.9 MB);

Repeat Infection with Chlamydia trachomatis: Rate and Predictors among Males – EF Dunneslides (.6 MB)

The Cost-Effectiveness of Screening Men for Chlamydia to Prevent Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) in Women – T Giftslides (.2 MB)

Communicating the Facts and Figures about Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Youth –JR Catesslides (.3 MB)

Physician Attitudes and Receptiveness to STD Vaccines – A Carpico slides (.3 MB)

B3 – Turning STD Surveillance Data into Action

    LM Newmanslides (.3 MB); 
M Samuel
slides (.3 MB); 
J Stover
slides (2.9 MB); 
M Stenger
slides (.5 MB); and 
J Ellen
slides (2.4 MB);

B4 – Bathhouses and Sex Clubs: How Risky Are Their Patrons? How Can That Drive Our Programs and Policies? – D Wohlfeiler,  WJ WoodsT FarleyJ Montoya,C CadabesM MutchlerF Spielberg,

B5 – The Prevention and Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Persons Living with HIV/AIDS: A Training Developed by the Eastern Geographic Quadrant of the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers (PTCs)

    P Coury-Donigerslides (2.2 MB); 
S Ratelle
slides (2 MB); 
S Payette
slides (2.2 MB)

B6 – Social Context/Community and STD Prevention

Trends in Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Enteric Infections in Neighborhoods with Differing Proportions of Men Who Have Sex with Men, New York City 1998-2002 –  MA Marxslides (5.7 MB)

The Impact of the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest on Gonorrhea – DA Cohen, slides not available

Implications of Measures of Hispanic Ethnicity for STD Prevention and Transmission –M Adamslides (.1 MB)

Qualitative Assessment of the Cognitive Difference Among Abused and Nonabused Minority Women with STD: Implications for Behavioral Interventions – JD Champion;slides (.3 MB)

County-level Characteristics Associated with Rates of Neiserria gonorrhoeae in the United States, 2000 to 2002 – M Greenbergslides (.4 MB)

Large Gonorrhea Outbreak in a Rural California County, 2003 – MC Samuelslides(3.6 MB)

B7 – A Social Skills Counseling Intervention to Enhance Condom Use by Female Family Planning Clients – L Winter; slides not used

B8 – Intervening With Substance-using Men Newly Released From Jail: Challenges and Strategiesslides (.1 MB); C Sperling, ; J Tomlin, A RakestrawT HallJ Greenberg, SP Williams, Moderator

B9 – Partner Notification/Disclosure Issues in STD Prevention

HIV Partner Notification in the U.S.: A National Survey of Program Coverage and Outcomes – MR Goldenslides (.1 MB), web cast ;

HIV Status Disclosure Among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM): Use, Mis-Use, and Implications for Prevention –  R Hutchesonslides (.1 MB), web cast

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Patterns of HIV Disclosure Among HIV Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) Practicing High Risk Behavior In Los Angeles and Seattle – PM Gorbachslides (.2 MB), web cast

Self-efficacy of Disclosure in Adolescents – L Loweryslides (.6 MB), web cast

Utilizing the Internet for Partner Notification – P Constantslides (.2 MB), web cast;

Initiating Partner Notification Over the Internet – A Delicataslides (.1 MB), web cast

Oral Symposium and Workshop Abstracts – Wednesday Sessions (C)

C1 – Bugs, Drugs, Dollars, and Tests: Making the Most of Scarce Resources for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Screening and Treatment –   slides (1.3 MB); DC GunterTL GiftB AbbanCK KentLA SchamusBH ButlerBA McDonald,

C2 – Syphilis Epidemiology and Surveillance Tools – S Blank – Moderator

Reassessing a Large Syphilis Epidemic Using an Estimated Infection Date – CM Schumacheslides (.8 MB)

Risk Factors for Early Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Seen in an STD Clinic, San Francisco 2002-2003 –  W Wongslides (3 MB)

Syphilis in Detroit, Michigan: Population Dynamics and Effective Interventions – C Merrittslides (.4 MB)

Syphilis Surveillance: What Are We Looking At? – T Petermanslides (.4 MB)

How Reactor Grids Affect Syphilis Surveillance and Outbreak Detection

    EH Koumansslides (.3 MB); 
CA McLean
, slides not available; 
K Seechuk
, slides not used

C3 – HSV & HPV Prevention: Epidemiology, Diagnostic, and  Treatment Issues– L Markowitz – Moderator

The Seroepidemiology of HPV-16 Infection Among Men and Women Attending STD Clinics in the United States – DL Thompsonslides (.1 MB)

Incidence, Clearance, and Persistence of HPV in a Cohort of Female Adolescents – E Samoffslides (.1 MB)

Trends in Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Infection in the United States – F Xuslides(.4 MB)

The Epidemiological Impact of Suppressive Therapy to Reduce Transmission of Genital Herpes – G Garnett, slides not available

Suppressive Valacyclovir Therapy Soon After Initial Genital Herpes: Clinical Efficacy and Impact on Herpes-Related Quality of Life – T Warrenslides (.1 MB)

The Impact of Genital Herpes on Health Status Preferences – R Patelslides (.1 MB)

C4 – A Transgender Client Walks In…Now What? Meeting the Needs of Your Transgender Clients – LA Sausa, slides not used

C5 – Alternative Venues for STD Prevention – Moderator – S DeLisle

Commercial Sex Venues: A Closer Look at Their Impact on the Syphilis Epidemics Among Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) in Los Angeles – G Aynalemslides (.5 MB), web cast

Screening Massage Parlor Sex Industry Workers-How Often Should Sex Industry Workers Be Screened? – BP Schumannslides (.3 MB), web cast

Anonymous Sex Venues for MSM: Implementing Outreach Screening for Syphilis & HIV at Adult Bookstores – B Collinsslides (.1 MB), web cast

The Internet: Emerging Venue for Syphilis Epidemics Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Los Angeles – K Hawkinsslides (.4 MB), web cast

An Outcome Evaluation of the Internet Alert Project – R Kachurslides (.1 MB), web cast

Lessons Learned: Sexual Health Social Marketing in Retail Pharmacies – S Cohen,slides (18.5 MB), web cast

C6 – Current Issues Related to Youth and STD Prevention – Moderator – T Kreinin

STD/HIV Risk From Adolescence to Adulthood: Longitudinal Risk Behavior Patterns and Infection Status – D Hallforsslides (.1 MB)

Adolescent Screening Project -Partnerships within the Community – L Byerslides (.5 MB)

STD Risk Behaviors Among Incarcerated Youth – A Robertsonslides (.2 MB);

Community Health Investigator Project: A Project-Based Science Curriculum on Communicable and Sexually Transmitted Diseases – B Hug; slides not available

Taking the Test – Making the Grade: Implementing a Broad-based GC/CT Screening Program in Philadelphia’s Public High Schools – M Salmonslides (.1 MB)

The Need for Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening in School-Based Health Centers – M Nsuamislides (.1 MB)

C7 – Ethical Principles and Regulatory Requirements in the Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections: Seminal and Emerging Topics

    S Semaanslides1 (.3 MB), slides2 (.3 MB); 
KM MacQueen
slides (.1 MB); 
DC Des Jarlais
slides (.1 MB); 
JV Lavery
slides (1 MB); 
D Borasky
slides (.6 MB); 
S Burris
, Discussant slides (.4 MB)

C8 – Disease Intervention Specialist Activities: How Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Programs Can Most Effectively Utilize DIS in the 21st Century S Coulter, Moderator;

    K Myersslides (.2 MB); 
D Broussard
slides (1.1 MB); 
L Shroeder
, slides not used
A Lozano
slides (22 MB)

C9 – Mujer Sana ~ Healthy Woman: A Participatory Action Research Model for HIV, STD, TB, Hepatitis A, B, and C Prevention – R Andrade,  P Manning, slides not used

Sponsored Symposium – Genital HSV: 60 Million and Declining?

Seroprevalence of HSV-2 in Suburban Primary Care Offices – D Flemingslides (.5 MB)

Trends in Herpes Simples Virus Type 2 infection in the United States —Data from NHANES – F Xuslides (.5 MB)

Oral Symposium and Workshop Abstracts – Thursday Sessions (D)

D1 – Patient-Delivered Partner Therapy – Moderator – S Berman

Legal Status of Patient Delivered Partner Therapy (PDPT) in the U.S.: A National Survey of State Pharmacy Boards and Boards of Medical Examiners –  U Anukam,slides (.2 MB), web cast

Concurrent STD Morbidity in Sexual Contacts to Persons with Bacterial STDs: Implications for Patient-Delivered Partner Therapy – J Steklerslides (.1 MB), web cast

A Randomized Trial of Three Different Strategies to Treat Partners of Women withTrichomonas vaginalis – H Mohammedslides (.1 MB), web cast

Acceptance of Patient-delivered Partner-therapy for Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM), San Francisco, CA – W Tunslides (3.3 MB), web cast

Patient-delivered Partner Therapy for Chlamydia Infections: Attitudes and Practices of California Physicians and Nurse Practitioners – L Packelslides (.5 MB), web cast

Partner-Delivered Partner Therapy for STD: Evidence and Prospects for Implementation – M Hogbenslides (.9 MB), web cast

D2 – Evaluating STD Prevention – Examples from Syphilis and Hepatitis

Part 1 – Practical Examples Evaluating Community Partnerships for Syphilis Prevention

    B Aptslides (.2 MB); 
M King
slides (.1 MB); 
D Napp
slides (.04 MB); 
T Gunter
slides (1.4 MB);

Part 2 – Evaluating the Impact of Integrating Viral Hepatitis Services in HIV and STD Settings

    D Lentineslides (.2 MB); 
K Schlanger
slides (.2 MB); 
J Subiadur
slides (.2 MB)

D3 – Advancing HIV Prevention: New Strategies for a Changing Epidemic – LM Lee – Moderator;

    SD Griffithsslides (2.5 MB); 
B Branson
slides (5.6 MB); 
J Prejean
slides (.2 MB); 
R Romaguera
slides (.2 MB);

D4 – Challenges in STD Prevention for Men Who Have Sex with Men – Moderator –  R Valdiserri,

Gonorrhea Positivity Among Men Who Have Sex With Men Attending STD Clinics in the United States, 2002 – CA McLean, slides not available

Crystal Use, Viagra Use, and Specific Sexual Risk Behaviors of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) during a Recent Anal Sex Encounter – G Mansergh, slides not available

Methamphetamine Use, Sexual Behavior, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Men Who Have Sex with Men Seen in an STD Clinic, San Francisco 2002–2003 – SJ Mitchellslides (.4 MB)

Characteristics of MSM Syphilis Cases Using the Internet to Seek Male Sex Partners, California, 2001-2003 – T Loslides (1.7 MB)

Factors Associated With Potential Exposure to and Transmission of HIV in a Probability Sample of Men Who Have Sex with Men – DD Brewerslides (.1 MB)

No Need to Wrap It: HIV Gift-giver Newsgroups, Gift Theory and Exchanging HIV as a Gift – ME Graydonslides (.1 MB);

D5 – Educating State and National Policymakers – Deborah ArrindellL Speissegger, slides not used

D6 – Integrating STD Prevention with Family Planning and HIV Services – J Asley – Moderator

Provision of Emergency Contraception in an STD Clinic: Results from a Pilot Project in New York City – L Evansslides (.1 MB)

Evaluating Efforts to Increase Testing for Repeat Chlamydia Infection Among Women in California Family Planning Clinics – R Gindislides (.6 MB)

HIV/STD Prevention for HIV Positive Women: Integration of Family Planning Services and HIV Care – B Greenslides (.1 MB)

Gonorrhea Screening Strategies and Guideline Development for Non-Pregnant Female Patients in the California Family Planning Clinic Setting – H Howardslides (.5 MB)

STD Testing Protocols, STD Testing and Discussion of Sexual Behaviors in HIV Clinics – M Taylorslides (.9 MB)

The Integration of Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing and HIV Counseling and Testing In Los Angeles County, 2002 – H Rotblattslides (.9 MB)

D7 – Issues Surrounding the Promotion of Condoms for STD Prevention – J ShlayL WarnerM SteinerG Mansergh, slides not available

D8 – Partnering With Hospital Emergency Departments for Syphilis Elimination– slides (.2 MB); C MoseleyM MahadevappaM Shulz

Late Breaker Abstracts – Tuesday Session

Syphilis Outbreak in Southwestern Idaho — 2002-2003 – J Bartschislides (.2 MB)

Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men: Limitations of Traditional Case and Partner Services, San Diego County, CA –  RA Gunnslides (.1 MB)

Rapid Emergence of Gonococcal Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Men Who Have Sex With Men in King County, Washington – WLH Whittingtonslides (.1 MB)

Partner Impairment of Safe Sex Behavior by Women Participating in a Randomized, Controlled STD/HIV Prevention Trial – A Holdenslides (.1 MB)

Remnants of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Effects on University Freshmen: Yet a Possible Barrier to Research Participation? – CB Spiveyslides (.2 MB)

Parental Receptiveness to a Hypothetical HPV Vaccine – AJ Lenarslides (.3 MB)