The ASTDA Membership Workgroup focuses on the membership composition of the ASTDA. Traditionally, the composition of the Workgroup consisted of at least three members of the Board of Directors with the inclusion of at least one of the early career Board members to represent the views of younger professionals. The current Workgroup members are Lynn Barclay, Khalil Ghanem, Kathy Hsu (chair), Abby Norris Turner, Anne Rompalo, and Lizzi Torrone.

A long-term goal of ASTDA is to involve the broader ASTDA membership in various established workgroups and committees. This will ensure that ASTDA is more responsive to the needs of its membership and will allow ASTDA members to directly impact the future of the organization. Consequently, we would like to invite ASTDA members who are not Board members to apply for a position on the ASTDA Membership Workgroup.

The two major goals of the Workgroup are to:

  • Increase membership in ASTDA
  • Increase the diversity of the ASTDA membership with regard to discipline, career stage, background, geographic location and other characteristics

We are looking for up to four enthusiastic and creative ASTDA members to join the Workgroup. We particularly seek at least one person with a background in survey design and one person with qualitative research experience, as one key project of the Workgroup is to better understand the reasons for membership/lack of membership in the organization.

The total anticipated commitment time is about 30-40 hours per year (<1 hour per week) and the minimum commitment time is three years.

If you are enthusiastic about helping us broaden our membership, please consider submitting the following information by May 31, 2023:

  1. Contact information (e-mail)
  2. The answer to the following question in <300 words: Why do you want to serve on the ASTDA Membership Workgroup? (You may highlight relevant experiences and/or a particular interest in growing and diversifying an organization)
  3. Current CV (any format is fine)

Please submit your complete application as a single PDF file to by May 31, 2023.