The Real World of STD Prevention is a special section in Sexually Transmitted Diseases that provides an editorial framework for articles focusing on STD clinical and prevention practice and the science-to-program interface. The process of translating scientific research into practice is complex. While science influences best practices that are in turn adopted by the medical community, in the real world this process is not entirely linear. We understand that STD clinical and prevention practice is shaped by a multitude of factors, including feasibility, cost, and available resources, among others.

This section is a collaborative effort between the journal and STD Prevention Online, with articles made available free simultaneously on both the journal website as well as STD Prevention Online. We encourage readers of the journal and members of STD Prevention Online to consider submitting manuscripts for publication in this section. Manuscripts submitted or solicited for this section will be held to the same high standard as other manuscripts submitted to the journal and will go through the same peer-review process.

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