The World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Global HIV, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections is accepting applications for two STI-related positions:

The Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Lead within the Department of Global HIV, Hepatitis and STI programme at WHO, Geneva. This is an exciting position to help lead and build a public health programme to address the growing burden of STIs globally and to ensure countries are on track to implement the Global Health Sector Strategy for STIs. STI Lead duties include:

  1. To provide STI leadership on the STI agenda.
  2. To coordinate the implementation of the Global Health Sector Strategy on STIs across the three levels of the organisation (global, regional and country level) to reach impact at country level, especially for STIs elimination efforts.
  3. To coordinate with the three functional unit heads (in testing, prevention and populations; treatment, care & service delivery; and strategic information & use) the appropriate planning for updating STIs normative work on prevention, testing, treatment, care and service delivery; to jointly oversee the implementation of this plan with team leads, and to provide technical expert guidance to the teams developing the normative guidance.
  4. To work with the strategic information team on STI surveillance and monitoring and evaluation guidance, costing of STI responses and monitoring and reporting on progress in priority countries in implementing STI control activities.
  5. Responsible for supporting the Director in establishing and maintaining excellent relations with technical partnerships on STIs, including the STI component of the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee on HIV, Hepatitis and STIs and the Civil Society Reference Group on HIV, Hepatitis and STIs.
  6. To act as the research focal point on STI, in association with RHR, to ensure regular liaison with other STI experts and organizations working in partnership with WHO on STI through global STI networks to shape the research agenda based on public health guidance needs and promote innovations.
  7. To coordinate with regional offices and country offices all STI technical support requests and needs, track and report on STI technical support following the biennial work plans.
  8. To work with the department information officer on advocacy and communication strategies on STI. (9) To work with WHO and external experts to plan and develop scientific documents and publications that will promote awareness of STI, improve knowledge of the burden of STI-related disease and demonstrated examples of implementation of STI control plans in-country.(10)The incumbent may be requested by Senior Management to assume additional responsibilities.

Closing Date: Apr 21, 2020

The Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Technical Officer for Prevention within the Department of Global HIV, Hepatitis and STI programme at WHO, Geneva. This is an exciting position to support the prevention of STIs including testing approaches and strategies and vaccination. STI Prevention technical officer duties include:

  1. To provide technical expertise on the development of the prevention components of STI norms and standards, including testing approaches and strategies and vaccination.
  2. Conduct and support evidence reviews to support new global guidance; and work closely with the technical counterparts within WHO and with relevant stakeholders outside WHO and facilitate evidence generation and research mapping exercises on interventions and product selection.
  3. Provide technical support to regional and country offices related to STIs and integration of STI prevention and testing into other programme areas, including HIV (focus on key populations and adolescent girls and young women programmes), sexual and reproductive health (focus on cervical cancer, contraception programmes), primary health care, universal health coverage, and other relevant areas.
  4. Collaborate with the Strategic Information staff the on STI M&E frameworks and core prevention indicators and work towards WHO priority STI elimination.
  5. Collaborate with the key populations FPs on targeted STI interventions and on the integration of HIV and viral hepatitis and other STIs prevention programme, including HPV.
  6. Perform all other related duties as assigned.

Closing Date: Apr 17, 2020