2002Science Politics, the Media, and STD Prevention in 2002: Harmony or Discord?

Abstracts and Presentations


Plenary and Mini-Plenary Sessions

STD Prevention in the US: From Past to Present to Future – W.Cates Slides (PDF 1.3 MB)

STD Prevention in Societies under Stress: A Global Perspective – L Garrett

New Diagnostic Tools: They’re here, but why should you care? – J Schwebke, A Wald, J Douglas, G Bolan
Bolan Slides (PPS 14KB)
Douglas Slides (PPS 703 KB)

Communities involved in STD Prevention: Responding to Sexual Behaviors and Prevention Practices with Uncommon Solutions – A Johnson, EL White, D Wohlfeiler
Johnson Slides (PPS 1.2 MB)  
Wohlfeiler Slides (PDF 1.3 MB)

STD-related Infertility Prevention in 2002 and Beyond: Bridging New Policies with Practices – C Westhoff

Stable and Migrating Hispanic Populations: Facing the Convergence of a New Census Count and the Uncounted with STD Morbidity – B Aranda-Naranjo, G Lara

Confronting Social Vulnerability to STDs: Drug Use, Male-to-male Partnerships, Violence and Sex Work – S Aral, W Patten, R Stall, T Valente

Science, Politics, the Media, and STD Prevention in 2002: Harmony or Discord? – G Strait, Jr.


Oral, Symposium, and Workshop Sessions

A1A – A Comparison of the Spatial Distribution of HIV and Syphilis Cases in Six North Carolina Counties – W Jones, D Enright, D Williams, E Foust

A1B – Continued High HIV Incidence Among Patients Attending STD Clinics in Four U.S. Cities, 1997–1999 – L Linley, D Withum, H Weinstock, K Bell, J Royalty, M Miller

A1C – Assessing HIV Prevention Needs Among African- American Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) – D Evans, R Swayzer, T Franklin

A1D –  “Barebacking” in a Diverse Sample of MSM – G Mansergh, G Marks, G Colfax, R Guzman, M Rader, S Buchbinder
Mansergh Slides (PPS 57 KB)

A1E – Don’t Gross Me Out! An Alternative to XXX-STD Pics – D Castellanos

A1F – STD Screening in HIV Clinics: Value and Implications – TA Farley, DA Cohen
Farley Slides (PPS 100 KB)

A2 – Ties that Bind: Building Community Research Partnerships – S Blank, J Brown, J Parsons, P Galatowitsch

A3 – Vaccines for HPV and HSV: Current Status and Issues Related to Implementation – S Tyring, LR Stanberry, GP Garnett, S Rosenthal, J Douglas
Garnett Slides (PPS 196 KB)
Rosenthal Slides (PPS 326 KB)
Douglas Slides (PPS 1.2 MB)

A4 – Sexually Transmitted Infections and Gynecologic Health in Lesbians: Research Update – JM Marrazzo    Slides (PDF 1.2 MB)

A5 – Finding Common Ground: Building Local Capacity for the Primary Prevention of Chlamydia trachomatis and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases in California – P Gibson, J Felix, J Schumann, A Smith, S Smith, F Alvarez, C Vera, A Gandelman, G Bolan

A6 – The Other Glass Ceiling . . . How to Increase Chlamydia Screening in the Private Sector – C Walsh, J Armstrong, M Finch, P Nathanson, R Neiman, S Shih
Armstrong Slides (PPS 98 KB)
Nathanson Slides (PPS 66 KB)
Neiman Slide (PPS 266 KB)   Shih Slides (PPS 189 KB)

A7A – The Collectivity of Sexual Behavior – DA Cohen, TA Farley, K Mason

A7B – Behavioral Cognitive Intervention, Shown to Reduce STDs, Increases Self-Efficacy – JE Korte, RN Shain, S Perdue, JM Piper, AEC Holden, JD Champion, E Newton

A7C – The Relationship Between Repeat Infections and Behavioral Risk Factors and Clinician Counseling: Findings from a Philadelphia STD Clinic – M Eberhart, N Liddon, M Goldberg, JS Leichliter, L Asbel
Eberhart Slides (PPS 514 KB)

A7D – Risks and Benefits of the Internet for Populations at Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI): Results from an STI Clinic Survey – CA Rietmeijer, SS Bull, JM Douglas, M McFarlane

A7E – Focus on Kids Intervention for Adolescents in High School to Prevent STDs/HIV – CA Gaydos, J Galbraith, C Arcari, L White, T Walker, G Waterfield, A Joffe, C Latkin, B Stanton
Gaydos Slides (PPS 2.5 MB)

A7F – The Use of Focus Groups in Examining Prevention Strategies for Men with Previous Jail Incarcerations – C Sperling and R Burton

A8 – The Gonorrhea Community Action Project – S Middlestad, N VanDevanter, CK Malotte, T Gift, P Messen, R Ledsky, C Merzel, A Bleakley, M Larro, JS St Lawrence, M Hogben, W Pequegnat

A9 – Applications of GIS in Integrated Public Health Surveillance Systems – R Kakkar, S Arbona, O Devine, T Gerber, T Kellogg, R Kohn

B1A – Increases in Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Need for New Prevention and Research Strategies – C McLean, S Blank, R Bronzan, G DeSimone, H Calvet, C Ciesielski, K Mayer
McLean Slides (PPS 104 KB)
Blank Slides (PPS 1.1 MB)
Mayer Slides (PPS 221 KB)

B1B – Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV Testing, and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Men Who Have Sex with Men Seeking Care at Howard Brown Health Center – CA Ciesielski, J Flynn, C McLean

B1C – Patterns of STD Infection, HIV Coinfection, and Risk-Behavior Among MSM at a Boston Community Health Center – SA Golub, K Mayer, W Lo, D Cohen

B2 – How Community, Corrections, Neighboring Jurisdictions, and Surveillance Have Worked Together to Contain an Outbreak of Syphilis in Baltimore City – J Michaud, S Johnson, K Robinson, S Tulloch, E Reams, G Olthoff, R Vogel, G Baker, J Leber, J Ellen
Michaud Slides (PPS 120 KB)
Johnson Slides (PPS 34 KB)
Robinson Slides (PPS 108 KB)
Tulloch Slides (PPS 823 KB)
Ellen Slides (PPS 165 KB)

B3A – Core Concepts for Hepatitis Education – L Gilbert, K Ford, D Bergmire-Sweat
Gilbert Slides (PPS 356 KB)

B3B – Hepatitis B Screening and Vaccine Referral Program in an STD Clinic – J Subiadur, J Landrigan, F Judson, M Bedell, J Douglas
Subiadur Slides (PPS 62 KB)

B3C – Investigation of a Cluster of Acute Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infections in Injecting Drug Users (IDU), Minnesota, 2001 – L Mercedes, T Heymans, J Saavedra, J Martimo, C Hooker
Heymans Slides (PPS 97 KB)

B3D – HPV Infection and Abnormal Cytology in a High Risk Adolescent Population – EH Koumans, TA Tarkowski, MK Sawyer, A Pierce, CM Black, J Papp, LE Markowitz, ER Unger

B3E – Impact of Knowledge of Herpes Simplex Virus Type II Serostatus on STD Clinic Patients – K Kroeger, R Knaup, M Williams, B Stoner
Kroeger Slides Slides (PPS 47 KB)

B3F – Testing Asymptomatic Individuals for Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2: Psychosocial Implications – KR Turner, CK Kent, T Miyai, JD Klausner
Turner Slides (PPS 115 KB)

B4 – HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention Among Migrant Farmworkers and their Families: A Replicable Model – M Gonzlez

B5A – Early Incident STI in Adolescent Women – B Van Der Pol, BE Batteiger, DP Orr, JD Fortenberry

B5B – Gonorrhea Drips on in California – MC Samuel, V Loo, D Gilson, D Kodagoda, S Coulter, G Bolan
Samuel Slides Slides (PPS 592 KB)

B5C – Comparing HIV and Gonorrhea/Chlamydia Co-morbidity on a Mobile Van-Based Clinic – R Vogel, S Bonu, T Liang, M Ward, JM Ellen

B5D – Development of a Mechanism to Verify and Measure Adherence to Chlamydia Screening Criteria in Family Planning Clinics in Three New England States – J Day, F Cohen, H Jenkins, E Kieltyka, M Proulx, M Ritson, B Woods

B5E – Chlamydia Screening and Test Type Utilization in California Publicly Funded Family Planning Services – JM Chow, M Bradsberry, J Treat, C Maternowska, P Darney, A Ramirez, G Bolan

B5F – Repeat Chlamydia Infections in Region III Family Planning Clinics–Implications for Screening Programs – P Nathanson, M Sammel, M Berlin
Nathanson Slides (PPS 123 KB)

B6 – From Research to Practice and Policy Among Programs and Providers: The Role of the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers (NNPTCs) in National STD Prevention Efforts – S Ratelle, P Coury-Doniger, T Hogan, AM Rompalo, HM Bauer, B Stoner, K Rietmeijer, SA Payette, D Tofoya and the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers

B7A – Risky Environments: Neighborhood Characteristics Associated with Adolescent Females’ Sexual Risk Behaviors – C Sionean, R Zimmerman

B7B – Monitoring STD Prevalence and Reproductive Health Care Among Adolescent Women in Special Settings in the United States, 1999-2001 – SA Wang, CA Rietmeijer, SC Matson, WP Carr, M Freeman, DA Beete, MK Oh, S Conner, JR Braxton, HS Weinstock, and the Adolescent Women Reproductive Health Monitoring Work Group
Wang Slides (PDF 854 KB)

B7C – Chlamydia Screening and STD Education for High-Risk Teens: A Peer Outreach Program – C Leah, L Jackson, K Guzman, A Arroyo, D Borntrager, R Gunn
Leah Slides (PPS 183 KB)

B7D – Adolescent Screening Project in Special Settings – L Byer, B Draper, B Moss
Byer Slides (PPS 179 KB)

B7E – Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases During Pre-participation Sports Examination of High School Adolescents – M Nsuami, SN Taylor, M Elie, B Brooks, F Makonnen, L Sanders, T Nash, D Cohen, DH Martin

B7F – Should We Be Screening Sexually Active Adolescent Males for Chlamydia During Health Supervision Pediatric Visits? – K Tebb, M Shafer, S Cruz, S Brown, A Gyamfi, R Pantell, T Ko, C Wibbelsman

B8 – Making Collaborations Work: Thinking and Acting Outside the Lines – A Johnson; S Glass; L Nicholson; K Williams

B9B – Studying Condom Effectiveness for Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention: the Importance of Knowing Partner Infection Status – L Warner, D Newman, TA Peterman, ML Kamb, JM Douglas, J Zenilman, K Malotte, G Bolan, J Rogers, H Austin, DK Kleinbaum, M Macaluso, for the Project RESPECT Study Group

B9C – Comparison of STD Prevalence by Reported Condom Use Errors in 100% Condom Users of an Urban STD Clinic – JC Shlay, J Landrigan, JM Douglas
Shlay Slides (PPS 40 KB)

B9D – Condom Protection Against STD: a Study Among Adolescents Attending a Primary Care Clinic In Atlanta – G Paz-Bailey, E Koumans, A Pierce, C Akers, J Papp, E Unger, M Sawyer, C Black, L Markowitz

B9E – Condoms Protect Men and Women Against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (HSV-2) Acquisition – A Wald, A Langenberg, E Kexel, A Izu, R Ashley, L Corey

C1 – Feasibility of STD Control for HIV Prevention: Findings from 3 Southern US Cities – R Barnes, T Farley, A Rompalo, and P Leone
Barnes Slides (PPS 765 KB)
Farley Slides (PPS 241 KB)
Leone Slides (PPS 113 KB)

C2A – The Impact of Prostitution and Drugs on a Rural Syphilis Outbreak – EM Foust, PA Leone, RM Ashby, AL Oxendine, CG Jones, JM Owen-O’Dowd
    Jones Slides (PPS 1.8 MB)

C2B – Syphilis and Prostitution: A View from the Stroll – NL Winterbauer Slides (PPS 1.0MB)

C2C – Integrating Syphilis Elimination Efforts via STD/HIV Outreach, Radio Outreach, and Crisis Response Teams – M Allen, V Hartwell, R Lewis-Hardy, Y Holiday, C Perez-Espinoza, E Cameron, A Lomax, A Troutman, D Daniels

C2D – Syphilis Elimination in South Carolina: Finding Local Solutions to Local Problems – C Wright, B Gaddist

C2E – Use of Street Intercept Interviews to Assess Most “At-Risk” Population Recall of a Multimedia Syphilis Elimination Campaign – VA Caine, C Langley, A Goldsmith, DR Black, J Arno, D DiOrio Rekas, J Burks-Craig, DC Coster

C2F – Using E-mail as an Investigative Tool in Syphilis Case Management – M Bender, A Gerard, W Clothier, B Wills-Hooks, M Goldberg

C3A – Distribution of Trichomonas vaginalis Infection in Females at High Risk for STI – B Van Der Pol, JA Williams, R Di Clemente; JR Murphy, L O’Donnell; T Perrino, D Pugatch; Project SHIELD Collaborators
Van Der Pol Slides (PPS 322 KB)

C3B – The Role of Mycoplasma genitalium in Nongonococcal Urethritis – DH Martin, L Mena, TF Mroczkowski, X Wang

C3C – Mycoplasma genitalium is Associated with Mucopurulent Cervicitis – L Manhart, K Holmes, S Dutro, C Stevens, C Critchlow, D Eschenbach, P Totten

C3D – Promiscuous Sexual Activity is Associated with Bacterial Vaginosis in Young Women Who Douche – MK Oh, J Schwebke, J Merchant, P Brown, R Desmond, M Jones, H Weiss
Oh Slides (PPS 155 KB)

C3E – Risk Factors for Bacterial Vaginosis and Relationship with STDs in Adolescents – EH Koumans, LE Markowitz, A Pierce, MK Sawyer, J Papp, E Unger, C Black

C3F – Randomized Trial of Douching and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – KJ Rothman, DP Funch, T Alfredson, J Brady, NA Dreyer

C4A – Working Effectively with Native Communities to Prevent and Control Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) – L Shelby, James Cheek, R Pacheco, S Jackson, L Foster, A Oxendine, D Morgan, T Peterson, Slinkey, Jones, Peyton, and E Howard

C5 – Screening Males for Chlamydial Infection—Do We Have the Data to Guide Program? – JA Schillinger, T Gift, JM Marrazzo, J Ellen, C Gaydos, N Willard, C Rietmeijer, CK Kent, L Markowitz
Marrazzo Slides (PDF 39 KB) 
Gaydos Slides (PPS 79KB)
Rietmeijer Slides (PPS 1.2 MB)
Kent Slides (PPS 150 KB)

C6A – Evaluation of Gonorrhea Screening in Family Planning Settings: California 2000 – CK Kent, M Brammeier, G Bolan, N Casas, M Funabiki, P Blackburn
Kent Slides (PPS 83 KB)

C6B – Utility of the Urethral Gram Stain Among Asymptomatic Male STD Clinic Attendees – AS Palakkathodi, CA Lindsey, TA Peterman, JM Zenilman, CK Malotte, M Iatesta, ML Kamb
Lindsey Slides (PPS 289 KB)

C6C – Effects of the Transition to Chlamydia Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing in a Public Health Screening Program – RA McDonald, J Pfister
McDonald Slides (PPS 105 KB)

C6D – Self-collected Vaginal Specimens for the Detection of Multiple Sexually Transmitted Infections in Adolescent Detainees – CM Holland, HC Wiesenfeld, PJ Murray
Holland Slides (PPS 44 KB)

C6E – Evaluation of HIV Rapid Diagnostic Devices – NL Michael, H Zahwa, M Robb, J Malia
Malia Slides (PPS 52 KB)

C6F – Rapid HIV Testing in an Emergency Department – K Kroc, S Kendrick, D Withum, E Couture, S Miller, B Zagorski, B Branson, R Weinstein
Kroc Slides (PPS 46 KB)

C7 – Crossing the Cultural Divide: A Non-deficit Approach to STD Prevention Practices – G Lara

C8 – The OASIS Project: Diverse Activities Utilizing & Integrating Surveillance Data for a More Comprehensive STD Program – D Thomas, J Beall, M Kang, J Lisbin, R Hamm, Y Tang, M Stenger, J Ellen
Beall Slides (PPS 77KB)
Lisbin Slides (PPS 45 KB)

C9 – Expanding the Armamentarium: How Do We Get Non-Condom Prevention Tools? – A Forbes, D Arrindel, J Moore, K Whaley

D1 – Linking STD and HIV Control Programs with Harm Reduction Strategies for Injection Drug Users – S Jenison, B Trigg, M Samuel

D2 – The Cost-Effectiveness of Jail-Based STD and HIV Prevention Programs and Their Impact on Inmate and Community Health – T Gift, B Varghese, J Kraut, D Beete, H Beidinger, D Broussard, T Conklin, A McIntyre, S Mier, T Lincoln, C Mugalla, R Tuthill, K Irwin
Gift Slides (PPS 155 KB) 
Varghese Slides (PPS 162 KB)
Kraut Slides (PPS 140 KB)
Lincoln Slides (PPS 390 KB)

D3 – Integrating Viral Hepatitis Prevention into STD/HIV Prevention Programs – J Buffington, K O’Connor, R Zimmerman, K Schlanger, I Weisfuse, R Gunn

D4 – Using Agency-Specific and Community-wide Needs Assessments for Improving Integrated and Teen-Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Adolescents – V Loo, C Brindis, B Allen, J Wasserheit, N Adler, G Bolan

D5A – Discord, Discordance and Concurrency in New Partnerships – LN Drumright, PM Gorbach, KK Holmes

D5B – Geographic Bridges for Importation of STD in the Seattle Metropolitan Area: Barbarians at the Gates – RP Kerani, MR Golden, WLH Whittington, HH Handsfield, KK Holmes
Kerani Slides (PPS 166 KB)

D5C – STD Prevention: The Female as Health-Communicator and Risk-Manager– M Vega   Slides (PPS 63 KB)

D5D – Evaluation of Field Delivered Therapy for Individuals with Uncomplicated Chlamydial or Gonococcal Infections – V Davila, CK Kent, J Chaw, L Fischer, J Klausner, DIS staff
Davila Slides (PPS 1.1 MB)

D5E – Cost Effectiveness of Patient-Delivered Partner Treatment Compared to Partner Referral for Chlamydial Infections in Women – JA Schillinger, MR Sternberg, T Gift

D5F – Training Sex Workers as Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and Maintenance Educators – J Breyer, C Cloniger III, D Cohan, T Knutson

D6A – Utilization and Quality of STD Services in Managed Care Organizations: A Synthesis of Recent Research – K Irwin, W Lafferty, ER Brown, N Pourat, M Stiffman, D Magid, S Ratelle, R Platt, D Yokoe, G Tao, L Anderson, E Patterson, W Kassler
Irwin Slides (PPS 509 KB)

D6B – Women’s Health Care Utilization Following an STD Diagnosis – S Wilson, N Brown, M Manos, W Leyden, V Chin, D Levin, P Braverman, S Shapiro, P Lavori

D6C – Re-infection With Chlamydia trachomatis in a Large Northern California HMO: Implications for Screening – M Kang, J Chow, T Dunn, K Deosaransingh, S Black, G Bolan

D6D – Beyond Knowledge: Integrating the Sexual History Taking Literature to Improve Provider Practices – K Farber, H Bauer, G Bolan

D6E – Physician Practices for Syphilis Screening and Case Management: A Comparison of High Morbidity, Potential Re-emergent and Low Morbidity Areas – JS Leichliter, SP Williams, G Counts

D6F – Physicians’ Actions Following the Diagnosis of a Bacterial STD: Results from a National Survey – DH McCree, N Liddon, M Hogben, JS St Lawrence

D7 – Multi-level Interventions to Improve Adolescent Health and Prevent STD Infection – K Ethier, P Dittus, K Vandevanter

D8 – Changing Trends in Nationally Notifiable Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the United States – H Weinstock, J Heffelfinger, L Newman, S Wang, K Fox, D Mosure, S Berman, O Devine


Lunch Sessions

L1 – California Chlamydia Action Coalition (CCAC) – Lessons Learned – J Nagra, G Bolan, R Neiman, H Bauer, D Wohlfeiler, GW Rutherford

L2 – Program Operations Guidelines for STD Prevention – D Byrum

L3 – Problem or Solution? California’s Experience with Bathhouses – D Wohlfeiler, M Samuel, L Klosinski, B Bense

L4 – STD*MIS and CDC’s NEDSS Base System: Progress Made and Future Plans– CS Danos, M Cicchinelli

L5 – Screening for Syphilis in Jails: Lessons Learned from the Three Syphilis Elimination Demonstration Sites – PA Leone, CP Seigenthaler, D Wilmot, RH Kahn

L6 – Enhancing the STD Prevention Infrastructure by Building Social Capital: A Structural Intervention Workshop – FR Bloom, SP Williams

L7 – Youth/Adult Partnerships in Prevention Programming – J Gilliam, J Augustine

L8 – Providing Health Care for Patients with External Genital Warts: Treatment Patterns, Cost of Care, and Practice Guidelines in Public and Personal Health Care Settings – GA Richwald, RM Rash, PC Langley

L9 – “Sex in the City: An Inside View”—A Group Intervention to Help HIV Prevention Providers Understand the STD-HIV Connection – K Berkhoudt, P McGrath, M Urban, M Scahill, P Coury-Doniger

L10 – Communicating Syphilis Elimination: Stories from the Field – S Hornston, H Shepeard, D Anderson

L11 – STD Program Infrastructure: Do We Have What it Takes? Key Findings from the National Needs Assessment – B Meyerson, T Raphael, H Jenkins

L12 – Reframing the Picture: Incorporating Youth Development Principles into STD Prevention – K Compoc; A Shankar

L13 – Effective Methods for Involving African-American Men Who Have Sex with Men in the Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of HIV Prevention Programs – R Swayzer, T Franklin, D Evans

L14 – Maximizing Impact: How to Make Your STD Prevention Programs Engaging, Memorable and Motivational – S Fallon, S Bui

L15 – Re-evaluation of Selective Screening for Chlamydial Infection in Women, Region X Infertility Prevention Project (IPP) – DS LaMontagne, KL Gudgel

L16 – Hospital Emergency Departments: A New Frontier for Syphilis Elimination – C Moseley, S Keener, C McCoy


Latebreaker Abstracts

Risk Factors for Neurosyphilis – CM Marra, CL Maxwell, SL Smith, SA Lukehart, AM Rompalo, M Eaton, BP Stoner, DE Barker, JJ Corbett, M Augenbraun, M Zajackowski, C Raines, J Nerad, R Kee, SH Barnett

Factors Influencing the Acceptance of HSV 2 Antibody Testing Among Adolescents and Young Adults – KH Fife, W Tu, DI Bernstein, R Brady, F Biro, L Stanberry, S.Rosenthal, K Stone, J Leichliter, and GD Zimet
Fife Slides (PPS 78 KB)

Human Papillomavirus Infection Among Men Attending an STD Clinic – S Baldwin, S Redmond, D Wallace, M Papenfuss, M Abrahamsen, J Hallum, A Giuliano

The National Pharmaceutical Stockpile and the STD Prevention Program Professional – A National Security Relationship – DE Adcock and R Havlak

Once is Not Enough: Re-Screening Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinic Patients in Six Months to Detect New, Unrecognized STDs – O. Bolu, C. Lindsey, T. Peterman, M. Kamb, G. Bolan, J. Zenilman, J. Douglas, K Malotte, J. Rogers, for the Project RESPECT study group.
Bolu Slides (PPS 156 KB)

Randomized Controlled Trial of HIV Counseling with Rapid and Standard HIV Testing (RESPECT-2) – Metcalf CA, Cross H, Dillon BA, Douglas JM Jr., Malotte CK, Young PA, Lindsey CA, Peterman TA
Metcalf Slides (PPS 281 KB)