Recognition Awards

ASTDA Distinguished Career, Achievement and Young Investigator Awards

The ASTDA Achievement Award is presented annually for a single recent major achievement in the field of STD research and prevention, or to a member at mid-career to acknowledge an outstanding body of research in sexually transmitted diseases. The ASTDA Distinguished Career Award (formerly the Thomas Parran Award) is presented annually to a member for long and distinguished contributions in the field of STD research and prevention.The ASTDA Young Investigator Award is presented annually to an outstanding investigator in the field of STD who is no more than five years beyond fellowship training.


Year Distinguished Career Award (formerly Thomas Parran Award) Achievement Award
Young Investigator Award
2017 Jo-Anne Dillon, PHD Lisa Manhart, PHD Christine Khosropour, PHD
2016 Anne Marie Rompalo, MD, ScM Joan M. Chow, MPH, DrPH Lindley A. Barbee, MD, MPH
2015 Anna Wald, MD, MPH Jeanne Marrazzo, MD, MPH Robert Kircaldy, MD, MPH
2014 Franklyn Judson, MD Christina Marra, MD Christina Muzny, MD
2013 Jonathan Zenilman, MD Jane Schwebke, MD  Jesse Clark, MD
2012 David Martin, MD Kim Workowski, MD Ina Park, MD, MS
2011 Thomas C. Quinn, MD, MSc Connie Celum, MD, MPH Rebecca M. Brotman, PhD, MPH
2010 H. Hunter Handsfield, MD Harrell Chesson, PhD Jared Baeten, MD, PhD
2009 Sharon Hillier, PhD J. Dennis Fortenberry, MD, MS Khalil G. Ghanem, MD
2008 Edward W. Hook, MD Charlotte Gaydos, DrPH Rachel L. Winer, PhD
2007 Sheila A. Lukehart, PhD Lauri Markowitz, MD Jami Leichliter, PhD
2006 Sevgi Aral, PhD David Martin, MD Laura Bachmann, MD, MPH
2005 Myron (Mike) S. Cohen, MD Geoff Garnett, PhD William Michael Geisler, MD, MPH
2004 Robert C. Brunham, MD Anna Wald, MD, MPH Matthew Golden, MD, MPH
2003 Willard Cates Jr., MD Laura Koutsky, PhD Caroline Cameron, PhD
2002 Richard Rothenberg, MD, MPH David DuPuy Celentano, ScD, MHS Jeffrey D. Klausner, MD
2001 Harald zur Hausen, MD Penelope J. Hitchcock, DVM
2000 Walter E. Stamm, MD Edward W. Hook III, MD Arturo Centurion-Lara, MD
1999 Robert B. Jones, MD, PhD Thomas C. Quinn, MD
1998 Peter Piot, MD, PhD Sevgi 0. Aral, PhD
1997 Lawrence Corey, MD Judith N. Wasserheit, MD
1996 William M. McCormack, MD Sharon L. Hillier, PhD
1995 David Taylor-Robinson, MD Walter E. Stamm, MD
1994 William W. Darrow, PhD Attila Lorincz, PhD
1993 Lars Westrom, MD
1992 P. Frederick Sparling, MD
1991 Allan R. Ronald, MD Sheila A. Lukehart, PhD
1990 Julius Schachter, PhD Willard Cates, Jr.,MD/Jack Kirby/Jack Spencer
1989 Paul J. Wiesner, MD Frank Plummer, MD
1988 John C. Hume, MD
1987 J.David Oriel, MD Richard S. Stephens, PhD
1985 James N. Miller, PhD Eric Sandstrom, MD
1984 E.Russell Alexander. MD Lawrence Corey, MD
1983 King K. Holmes, MD, PhD Steven Margolis, PhD
1982 R. Duncan Catterall, MD Daniel C. William, MD
1981 James W. Curran, MD
1980 Harry Pariser, MD Franklyn N. Judson, MD
1979 Claude Nicol, CBE, FRCP William M. McCormack, MD
1978 Thomas B. Turner, MD
1977 Nicholas J. Fiumara, MD
1976 Angelo F. “Jack” Marino Thomas J. Fitzgerald, PhD
1975 Rudolph H. Kampmeier, MD Paul J. Wiesner, MD
1974 Herman Beerman, MD Thomas M. Buchanan, MD
1973 Genevieve Stout
1972 William J. Brown, MD Joseph Forish