The Summer Research Fellowship is designed to provide financial support for students and post-doctoral trainees to conduct a mentored research project during the academic summer break. We encourage a broad range of research topics pertaining to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including basic science, clinical investigation, program science, educational scholarship, etc.

The goals of the Summer Research Fellowship are to:

  • Encourage trainees to conduct STI research
  • Provide financial support that permits trainees to dedicate time to a STI-related research project
  • Encourage STI researchers to dedicate time to mentoring trainees and recognize the mentor’s contribution with an honorarium
  • Advance the ASTDA mission to foster scientific knowledge, develop leadership, and champion practice in the field of sexually transmitted infections.

ASTDA is pleased to announce the 2023 Summer Fellowship Awardees:

Jennifer Balkus (l) and Fredericka Sesay (r)

Fredericka Sesay

Yeast colonization among individuals with symptomatic bacterial vaginosis and the implications for post-treatment vulvovaginal candidiasis

Mentor: Jennifer Balkus, PhD, MPH
Affiliation: University of Washington

Shira Goldberg (l) and Kaylee Ramage (r)

Kaylee Ramage

Exploring the impact of risk environments on STI and HIV risk among cisgender and transgender asylum-seeking women at the Mexico-U.S. border

Mentor: Shira Goldberg, PhD
Affiliation: San Diego State University

Andy Liu (l) and Jeffrey Klausner (r)

Andy Liu

Genomic Epidemiology of Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum in South Africa, Botswana, and Malawi

Mentor: Jeffrey Klausner, MD, MPH
Affiliation: University of Southern California

Annet Onzia Aketoko (l) and Matthew Hamill (r)

Annet Onzia Aketoko

A pilot etiological study of genital ulcer disease in Uganda, including the burden of macrolide resistant T pallidum

Mentor: Matthew Hamill, MD
Affiliation: Makerere University and Johns Hopkins University

BoRam Kim (l) and Teri Aronowitz (r)

BoRam Kim

Mother-Daugther Communication about Sexual Health in East Asian American Mother-Daughter Dyads in the United States

Mentors: Teri Aronowitz, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAAN and Wei-Ti Chen, PhD, RN, CNM, FAAN
Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles and University of Massachusetts

Nate Albright (l) and Dianne Morrison-Beedy (r)

Nate Albright

Conceptualizing Primary Care Clinicians’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs as Potential Structural Barriers to STI and PrEP Care for Sexual and Gender Minorities

Mentor: Dianne Morrison-Beedy, PhD, RN, WHNP, FNAP, FAANP, FAAN
Affiliation: The Ohio State University


Amy Bleakley (l) and Robert Stice (r)

Robert Stice

Finding effective messaging strategies to promote regular STI testing among sexual and gender minority youth: An analysis of sexual health messages on social media

Mentor: Amy Bleakley, PhD, MPH
Affiliation: University of Delaware

Paul D’Avanzo

Paul Anthony D’Avanzo

Understanding Patient and Provider Perspectives of Doxycycline for STI Prevention

Mentor: Jason Zucker, MD
Affiliation: Columbia University

Erin Garcia (l) and Joseph Dillard (r)

Erin Garcia

Anaerobic bacteria in pelvic inflammatory disease

Mentor: Joseph Dillard, PhD
Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison

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