American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association Announces Dr. Brandie Taylor as Winner of the 2014 Developmental Award

Research Triangle Park, NC (DATE) – The American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association (ASTDA) is pleased to announce Dr. Brandie Taylor, Ph.D., M.P.H., is the winner of the ASTDA 2014 Developmental Award.

ASTDA is the nation’s most prestigious professional association of STD researchers, practitioners, and prevention specialists. Founded in 1948, the organization is dedicated to the control, prevention, and ultimate eradication of sexually transmitted infections, and supports research in medical, epidemiological, laboratory, social, and behavioral STD studies.

Brandie Taylor, PhD., M.P.H.

Brandie Taylor, PhD., M.P.H.

Each spring ASTDA offers a mentored Developmental Award to encourage new investigators to pursue an STD research career. Dr. Taylor’s Developmental Award will support the work outlined in her proposal Host Genetic Susceptibility to Chlamydia-Associated Reproductive Morbidity. Dr. Taylor is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics with the School of Public Health, Texas A&M University Health Science Center.

“ASTDA is thrilled to support this important research,” says Dr. Cornelis Reitmeijer, ASTDA President. “Untreated chlamydial infections are associated with a number of adverse reproductive effects, and Dr. Taylor’s research will no doubt help us better understand the role of genetics in these outcomes.”

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