Nominations are due on March 15, 2019

ASTDA awards recognize individuals who epitomize the Association’s mission. Awardees are honored for significant contributions toward the prevention, control and ultimate eradication of sexually transmitted diseases. Individuals may be recognized for significant scholarship in medical, epidemiologic, laboratory, or behavioral research; for the development of high-impact programs in partnership with key communities; for exemplary teaching or mentorship of developing leaders; or for other distinctive services to the field.

There may be three (3) awards presented annually:
(1). The “ASTDA Distinguished Career Award” is presented to a person with a long and extraordinary career in the field of sexually transmitted diseases.
(2). The “ASTDA Achievement Award” is presented to a person at mid-career to acknowledge an outstanding body of work in sexually transmitted diseases or to an individual for a single major achievement in the field.
(3). The “ASTDA Young Investigator Award” is presented to a person engaged in outstanding work in the field of sexually transmitted diseases who is no more than seven years from completion of their terminal degree.

a) nominations must be made by an ASTDA member, but the nominee need not be a member;
b) nominees are individuals who currently or previously lived or worked in North America;
c) nominations should include the CV of the nominee and a single, short (one-page maximum) letter summarizing why the nominee is being put forward;
d) multiple support letters for a nominee are strongly discouraged;
e) members of the ASTDA Executive Committee* are not eligible for awards; and
f) nominations should be submitted as a single PDF attachment to

* Current EC members include Laura Bachmann, Lynn Barclay, Kyle Bernstein, Julie Dombrowski, Dennis Fortenberry, Hunter Handsfield, Katherine Hsu, Cornelis (Kees) Rietmeijer, Anne Rompalo, Marc Steben, Abigail Norris Turner, and Barbara (Bobbie) Van Der Pol